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Feb 27, 2021


It was also another busy week on the technology front and we are going to delve into what actually caused the energy problems in Texas.  There is a new type of malware that is affecting Macs and it is has a different MO.  Then we are going to discuss Apple and their ventures into automated electric cars and...

Feb 24, 2021

Good morning everybody! 

I was on WGAN this morning with Matt Gagnon. We really got into the power distribution issues in TX and it appears that the Energy department was really "asleep at the switch." Then we talked about the nightmare that these bureaucratic states are having with their vaccine scheduling websites. ...

Feb 23, 2021

Good morning, everybody.

I was on this morning on WTAG with Jim Polito.   We discussed the power situation in Texas and then brought it home to Mass and talked about whether we could be in for anything similar.  We also discussed Green Energy and Nuclear Energy.  Then we got into 6G -- yes that is not a typo, Apple is...

Feb 22, 2021


Craig Peterson here.  This morning I was on with Chris Ryan on NH Today. We talked about what is going on in Texas and Why?  What did they do?  What assumptions did they make? Where do they go from here? Here we go with Chris. 

These and more tech tips, news, and updates...

Feb 20, 2021


We lost a Radio Icon this week and he had a big impact on me, I have a short tribute to him but it was also another busy week on the technology front.  We are going to get into the differences between Backups, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, often these get tossed around in discussions as one...