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May 30, 2021

[Following is an automated transcript of Week 1115 podcast aired 2021-05-29]

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] We've got these semiconductor shortages. What that means is various types of chips are just not available and it's been hurting us all the way across our economy. And that's where we're going to start the day...

May 25, 2021

[As heard on WTAG, WHYN, WHJJ 2021-05-25 - Automated Transcript]

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] On with Mr. Polito this morning, and we gave a little bit of a eulogy to Microsoft internet Explorer. Finally, almost gone. And I don't know if it will ever be completely gone. So here we go with Mr. Polito,

[00:00:17] Jim...

May 22, 2021

[Following is an automated transcript of show #1114 aired on weekend of 2021-05-22]

Craig Peterson: Hi everybody.Craig Peterson here. We're going to start out with a couple of Tesla articles in the news this week. These things are really not self-driving. I don't care what Tesla calls them and some problems people...

May 19, 2021

[The following is an automated transcript.]

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] The lies and misinformation that are going on right now over in Israel, between Hamas and of course the Israeli government. This Tesla owner got bulled over sent to jail because he was driving the Tesla from a back seat. And a little bit more about...

May 18, 2021

[A quick, automated transcript of my conversation with Jim Polito on WTAG, WHYN, and WHJJ on 2021-05-18]

Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Mr. Polito this morning, and we went through the colonial pipeline and why you don't want to pay a ransom. And then I went into the things you can do for...