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Jun 30, 2021

[As heard on WTAG, WHYN, WHJJ on 2021-06]

You might have an idea of how much privacy has been lost. I went through a lot of the details today. The idea is to help you understand what you're doing to yourself by using all of these different new technologies and what can you do right now to start getting your privacy...

Jun 22, 2021

[As heard on WTAG, WHYN, WHJJ on 2021-06-22 with Mr. Jim Polito]

We had more discussion today with Mr. Jim Polito about this fuel cell. Jim isn't as happy about it as I am. I think it's just a cool technology for airplanes for a few reasons, but we really got into that. And then we started talking about hydrogen, how do...

Jun 15, 2021

[As heard on WTAG, WHYN, WHJJ 2021-06-15]

Hey, we've got this meeting between Presidents Biden and Putin, and I have some serious words for our President. I've got some opinions about our federal bureaucracy when it comes to cybersecurity and Mr. Jim Polito pulled them out of me this morning.

[00:00:18] Jim Polito:...

Jun 8, 2021

[As Heard 2021-06-08 on WTAG, WHYN, WHJJ. Fastly CDN failure]

Hi, so glad you are joining me today. I was speaking with Mr. Polito about a couple of different things. One, this problem you might have noticed with all of these major websites, CNN, all the way through the government of the United Kingdom going offline....

May 22, 2021

[Following is an automated transcript of show #1114 aired on weekend of 2021-05-22]

Craig Peterson: Hi everybody.Craig Peterson here. We're going to start out with a couple of Tesla articles in the news this week. These things are really not self-driving. I don't care what Tesla calls them and some problems people...