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Nov 24, 2023

Hey savvy shoppers, gather 'round for a tale as vital as your grandma's pie recipe! Ever felt the sting of an online shopping scam? Fear not, I've got the lowdown on dodging those traps. Let's kick things off with a cautionary yarn and dive into the nitty-gritty.

Spotting a Phony Website:
Detective hat on! Check URLs for weird symbols and misspellings. A padlock symbol next to the URL is a good sign.

Evaluating Sellers on eBay and Etsy:
eBay and Etsy, our online treasure troves! Check seller ratings, reviews, and authentic photos. Don't fall for smoke and mirrors.

Buying Big Ticket Items:
Eyeing a big purchase? Do a reverse image lookup to ensure authenticity. Fish out the real deal from the online sea of possibilities.

Single-Use Credit Cards Magic:
Enter the game-changer – single-use credit cards. Use 'em and toss 'em. Bye-bye worries about your main card falling into the wrong hands.

Keeping Your Info Under Lock and Key:
Think twice about the info you share online. Use imaginative details for security questions. Be as elusive as a dragon for that added layer of protection.

Why These Steps Matter:
Avoid the headache of untangling from online scams. It's easier to prevent than fix.

The 1Password and OpenDNS Shield:
Secure your passwords with 1Password and enlist OpenDNS or Cisco Umbrella for a virtual guarddog against ransomware.

Remember, online shopping can be a breeze with a dash of caution. Keep those eyes peeled, use single-use credit cards, and guard your info like the last slice of Thanksgiving pie. Questions or stories to share? I'm all ears!

Ready to master the art of safe online shopping?

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