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Apr 30, 2019

Did you know that driving a Tesla or a Prius causes more CO2 emissions than a diesel car? Find out more as Craig talks about it with Jim Polito.

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Driving A Tesla Results In More CO2 Than A Mercedes Diesel Car, Study Finds



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Airing date: 04/30/2019

Driving A Tesla Model 3 Or A Prius - Causes More CO2 Emissions -Study Out Of Germany

Craig Peterson 0:00
Hey, good morning, everybody Craig Peterson here. And this morning, I had a really great chat. I use the whole segment with Jim Polito this morning. Because he was really into this study that I talked a bit about on Saturday. So we want to do even more detail than I did on my radio show that came out of Germany, showing that the Mercedes C220D, yes, the D stands for diesel. That Mercedes in over its lifetime emits less CO2 per kilometer than a Tesla Model 3. So here we go with Jim. Oh, and I got cut off in the middle. I'm going to be interested to hear what they had to say when that happened too.

Jim Polito 0:47
Here he is. The man. He's not a myth. But he is a legend. I'm talking about our Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. We're going to talk some interesting stuff about cars and CO2. Joining me now. Here he is, Craig Peterson. Hello, sir.

Craig 1:03
Hey, good morning. How are you doing, Jim? 

Jim 1:08
I'm good. I'm good. I was when I got the material from you. I said, Oh, boy, this is right up my alley. This is like the plastic bag ban. Everybody out there trying to do something, be a do-gooder. And then you're not really doing any good. You're actually making things worse. You're telling me that the zero emission Tesla Model 3 will actually produce more CO2, not out of its tailpipe but more CO2 than a Mercedes diesel. Tell me. I love it. Well, you know, I think that's why you put it at the top of the list for today. So you knew that I would, I would eat this one up. Tell me how this is possible.

Craig 1:58
Well, this is really, really interesting. And it what it goes back to Jim, if I have to boil this all down, it goes back to government interference. And yes, I'm calling it interference, government interference in the natural course of Science and Technology. You know, what's happened here is similar to what happened when, remember we said, Oh, we've got to start making ethanol and putting ethanol into our gas tanks, because it's going to cut back on emissions, it's going to cut back on CO2. Remember that whole thing? Right?

Jim 2:34  
Yes, yes.

Craig 2:36 
And what state is of absolute first voting for the president in the nation when it comes to the primary?

Jim 2:44
If you get rid of the caucus Iowa. The real voting is in New Hampshire.

Craig 2:49
It is. But Iowa is number one. It's the first, right?

Jim 2:53
Yeah. it is. It's a caucus. Yeah.

Craig 2:55
And when what happens in Iowa, what do they grow? What's their economy out there?

Jim 3:01
They grow that stuff. That they make into ethanol that clogs my old carburetor on my old Harley, yes. They make ethanol.

Craig 3:13
Yeah. And it destroys small engines and everything else. So it has been a literal disaster. It is caused massive die off in the Gulf of Mexico, because the farmers are now trying to grow corn all the way along the Mississippi Delta, not delta, but the Mississippi River, right? They're trying to grow the corn to be able to make the cellulose to make the ethanol to go into our gas as as mandated. Remember, President Obama was trying to up into 15, or even 20% of the fuel we buy to be ethanol. So they're trying to grow it. They're using all these fertilizers that get into the water supply. And are killing, there is a huge have a have a look at a map, if you don't believe me, there is a huge die off hundreds of square miles of everything in the Gulf of Mexico, dying by the mouth of the Mississippi River. And we got major red tides caused by this. And another thing is okay, so it has been a disaster. And by the way, the ethanol in your gasoline has ended up causing more CO2 to go into the air than if we did not have ethanol than the gasoline. So there's an example of what happened when governments rushed into fear, right? Here's, this is another one now. There was a study some years ago, that showed that a Hummer produced less emissions, then the Toyota Prius.

Jim 4:52
What? It that how we're gonna get to the Tesla 3 in this thing, because now you're getting close to a vehicle that's got a battery is that the key here?

Craig 5:02
The battery is kind of the key. But there's one other thing that Hummer's going to last maybe a million miles with engine rebuild .

Jim 5:10
Yeah. They are. They're very. Yeah, they absolutely are.

Craig 5:13
Think of all of the energy that goes into manufacturing a new Prius every couple of hundred thousand miles. And then all of the energy that goes into making the batteries. Now the batteries are the killer here, when it comes to the Tesla Model 3, when it comes to the Prius and some of these other full electric cars that are out there right now, these zero emissions cars. And what happens is that they have to mine, of course, these minerals, right?

Jim 5:43
Right. So for the battery. Yeah.

Craig 5:46
Yeah, exactly. So one of the places they mind is in Quebec, just north of us. And they mind some of these minerals. And by the way, it is so toxic, that NASA uses the area around these mines in Canada, but at least not in the US, right? It's so toxic, that nothing lives for miles and miles, all vegetation is dead. There are no animals. And we use it, NASA uses it to test landers, lunar landers. Martian landers.

Jim 6:21 
Oh my god. Really?

Craig 6:22
Okay, so you have all that toxicity. But anyways, they take that they ship those components via truck, via ship. And it makes quite a nice little trip, it goes to China, it goes to Japan, it goes back to China, it goes back to the US, it's made into a special kind of foam and everything. It's incredible. So add everything up. That goes into the manufacturing of that Tesla Model 3, everything. And then the amount of CO2, yeah, that's used are created. We're talking about that Tesla Model 3 being 20 having 20% more average emissions over its lifetime than this Mercedes Benz C220  diesel. 

Jim 7:15
So let me just put it in, we're talking with our friend Craig Peterson our Tech Talk guru. Let me put it to this, right. So diesel, which is number two oil, it's it's also how I heat my home. Okay, that stuff that they pump out of the ground, don't refine as much as they refined gasoline. The stuff that is the dirtiest pump when you go to the gas station, because it's oil and it picks up dust and dirt and everything else that you put into a diesel engine and then fire up with glow plugs. Okay, that maybe make it a little faster with a turbo charger? That stuff is cleaner than trying to drive around in a Tesla or in a Prius. That's actually better for the environment.

Craig 8:04
A hundred percent with like, now there's debate, you know, there's there's knots and things, but the emissions from the diesel are also heavier. So those emissions end up coming down to the ground. Of course now with these new clean diesels are just absolutely incredible. But you mentioned pumping it out of the ground Jim. These numbers include all of the manufacturing of the diesel itself and trucking it around and everything else. So again, here now I am rather I've known this for a long time, right? Because I've looked at these numbers for years. This is a new study that just came out of Germany. And...

Jim 8:50
Oh, you know what it is. Danny, we Danny, we lost him. Do you know what happened?

Danny 8:57 
They're on to us.

Jim 8:58 
Danny. It's the green new deal.

Danny 9:02 
Maybe maybe was Elon Musk?

Jim 9:03 
Steve. Steve, did anything happen on your end? Did anything? Any sparks or anything? Nothing? No? You sure? I think he's calling back.

Danny 9:15
Let's just assume it was Russia.

Jim 9:19
Hold on. Is that you sir?

Craig 9:22
It is. 

Jim 9:24
You know what it was? Alexandria. It was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It was not the Russians, because so the Russians, the only thing that they make any money off of is their oil. So the Russians would not cut off what you were preaching there. It was AOC. So go ahead. Go ahead. I said it was talking about pumping in out of the ground.

Craig 9:49
Right and you these numbers include all of that the pump it on the ground, the transporting it, the processing of it, as you mentioned, is much less processed than the gasoline is these are this is a study done in Germany, they make, you know, electric car emissions and other countries are going to vary a little bit depending on the mix of, of coal. And you know, New Hampshire even burns wood for some of the electricity, you know, some of the cleaner fuels, but it kind of gets me upset because this brings me back to something else. I gotta mention this Jim. I'm sorry. I'm going along in this segment.

Jim 10:24 
No it's ok.

Craig 10:26
My daughter in, I think, you know, my one of my daughters is over in Norway now and she's helping to lead this project. Right. And Norway, they give a tax what they do in Norway, there's a 25% VAT. So sales tax on everything. So if you buy an electric car, they don't charge that tax.  

Jim 10:50
If you buy an electric car?

Craig 10:50
Yeah, exactly. And they're thinking about getting rid of it. But they're not sure. But the reason they like electric cars is it be keep it because it keeps their environment clean. They're not worried about these cesspools of chemical mixtures that are sitting in China and India and other places.

Jim 11:12
Yeah. They're worried about their little pretty little, and that is See, that's the thing. This is where I and we've got to wrap it up now, where I go off on the plastic bag thing. Every community bans plastic bags, so we don't want to see them on the roadside. They're choking the whales. 90% of that plastic comes from India, Africa, and Asia. There are 10 rivers in the world that produce 90% of the plastic in the ocean, and none of them are in North or South America. None of them. There are 2 in Africa. 

Craig 11:48   
I wish it wouldn't knee-jerk, Jim. but it's. I don't know what it is. But people have gotten worse in knee-jerking nowadays.

Jim 11:56
They don't want to feel like they're part of the cause. Look, environmentalism has become the new religion. That's my opinion. It's the new religion. But anyway, Craig, that was fascinating the explanation of all the filth that goes into building a wonderful, clean car. So if folks want that story and more information from our tech talk guru, all you do is text my name, Jim to this number.

Craig 12:21
855-385-5563. That's 855-385-5553.

Jim 12:31
That's right. And standard data and text rates apply. But it's a clean transaction between you. And Craig Peterson. He won't sell your name. He won't annoy you with constant text. He'll get you the information you need when you need it. Thank you, sir.

Craig 12:50
Hey, thanks, Jim. Have a great day.

Craig 12:54
Hey, everybody, have a great day. As you can tell, I was having some fun this morning with Jim and I'll be back tomorrow with more fun with Ken and Matt, and all of our friends up in Maine, throughout Maine, all of the stations were on up there. So keep an eye out for that. Also, if you missed my offer last time of this DIY cyber security course what to do, how to do it. I went through everything. I was just amazed. I printed it all up the other day. And I'm looking at close to a ream of paper sitting there on the printer. I haven't taken that off yet. All of the stuff I covered and that's double sided. It's just crazy, all this stuff. And I didn't print out the bonuses either. But anyways, I am going to be launching another course coming up, it's not going to be alive. I'm not going to do as much live coaching. And we're doing that to keep the costs down. So that's coming up in a couple of weeks. Make sure you're on my weekly show notes email list so you find out about it. Then that's just, you'll see it on my homepage to Get on that you're going to get my weekly show notes, including everything I talked about, with Jim and I talked about on my radio show and all of these other guys. And it'll come in your email box every Saturday morning. I'm planning on starting up another thing here shortly, where it'll probably be on Wednesday mornings, and It's a Security Thing. So that should be fine as well. And I'll let you know when that happens too. So have a great day. And we'll talk with you all soon. Bye bye.


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