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Oct 29, 2018

Did you know that there are some major problems coming up with our election this morning?

Craig spoke with Jack Heath today about election hacking and the new technology coming from China that might give you concerns about your refrigerator.

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Airing date: 10/29/2018

Election Hacking Already Underway - Concerns About Your New Refrigerator

Craig Peterson0:00 Hey everybody. Craig Peterson here. Did you know that there are some major problems coming up with our election this morning? I spoke with Jack Heath a little bit about that we have some hacking going on. And it's going to throw some of the results really into question. What's, you know, what's the way around this? What, what should we be doing ultimately, and also spoke with Jack Heath about something new to him. Anyway, so IoT. You guys know about this, because we talked about the internet of things all the time. But he's worried about more than just a frozen chicken dropping out of his fridge with all this new technology coming out of China. So here we go with Jack.

Unknown 0:40
All right. Craig Peterson, our tech talk guy for a few moments. Sorry, Craig between the elections and Red Sox World Series championship. And sometimes it's a little more interesting than the latest app but who knows after last night there may be an app out of this

Unknown 0:54
window I'd like about the latest app Hey, I just want before something else in about the elections. You've got the as a and the CIA investigating right now because we've seen a major uptick a

Unknown 1:07
workshop where Trojan, excuse me, is always ransomware that seems to be related to the election this year. It really looks like it might be happening. forensic experts are now saying that it looks like China or Russia are trying to hack into voters machines and then use targeted advertising to get them to change the direction they're going so all full court press here on the technology frontier looks like yeah, they're going to definitely metal this time in the election

Unknown 1:43
or try to right Yeah, yes, they can resist

Unknown 1:48
Absolutely. So if you're in Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Florida, those are all targeted though. It's like they're targeting the districts where there is a close competition right now between the Republicans and the Democrats we're not quite sure what to do. And they tried to sway in one way or the other or just cause us to have a lot of confusion about whether or not our election results are justified if it really was tampered with. So we're gonna have a fun two years trying to figure out what happened.

Unknown 2:19
interesting article in the New Hampshire union leader today in the business section. Cyber Security can frighten and it's just one person talking about he has a smart refrigerator or freezer, allowing me to digitally track its contents receive notifications when temperatures get too high, or even low and when I'm on vacation, but it also has to be connected to the internet placing into the category called the Internet of Things, meaning it's one of 11 billion devices, not counting computers or phones wirelessly connected wirelessly connected to the internet all over the world today is mind-boggling.

Unknown 2:54
Yeah, and he has reason to be concerned because a lot of those refrigerators and other appliances are running operating systems that are not only known to be easily vulnerable or vulnerable from the start. But we now have for instance camera companies that are showing cameras from China but you may not even know it's from China and those devices are then being used to launch attacks against you against other businesses so your fridge rater could be used as a launching pad in order to attack you and get information about your account in fact that you know the Facebook has just happened here a couple of weeks ago we have now started seeing your Facebook account those 50 million people your Facebook account is selling on the dark web for about three bucks right now and if your refrigerator tax you your personal information including your bank accounts with all of your lightning

Unknown 3:53
gear and people all right well, I guess

Unknown 3:56
my clothes for

Unknown 3:58
my refrigerator's been attacking my waistline for years or that bank account my big fears when you open the freezer part and you know some frozen is going to be fall and land on your foot. Usually when you don't have any shoes. All right, Craig Craig Peterson with an O n. com. Thanks, Craig.

Unknown 4:13
Take care. Bye bye. All right. Well, we come back


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