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Sep 19, 2018

Freezing credit is a cumbersome process The good news is it now free to freeze or unfreeze your credit report.

Find out more as Craig talks with Ken and Matt this Wednesday morning about Equifax, the new iPhone XS Max, and top security tips from DEFCON.

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Airing date: 09/19/2018

iPhone XS Max - Now Free To Freeze Your Credit - Top Security Tips From Defcon

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. Good morning, I wanted to give a shout out to everybody listening to these podcasts. And, you know, I, I used to podcast a lot. I've been pretty good about it for the last couple of years, but there were probably three, maybe even five years when I wasn't podcasting I started doing this decade ago, excuse me, maybe what, 1520 years ago, a long time before they even podcast started putting them up online. And then I started podcasting and I got listed with Apple and 20 million plus downloads but because I stopped for a while I just I lost a lot of listeners but I really appreciate all you guys and gals who are listening and for sharing the podcast if you know somebody who might benefit from these podcasts in my like it might like a more mature look at technology not this stuff that kids are doing online but from somebody who's been in the tech business now for many many decades I'd love it if you'd share the easiest way to share this podcast just tell people to go to and you'll find that will redirect you right to Apple's website. and have them sign up because that's the that's the best way for me to keep track of who is online least how many and gives them a little bit of ratings as well and if you haven't rated this podcast yet please do that and you can do that easily. Again just go to and rate the podcast so far we've got only a handful of reviews which is fine but they're all five stars so I'd like that and hopefully you give me a five star review as well. So please do take the time share this podcast with friends and family and business people who may be as I said want to understand tech a little more what's important particularly in the security around my spend a lot of stuff time in that space because that's what I do for a living and you know there are no commercials in this right this is commercial free it always has been I've been approached by people to take money for this and then shirt them I'd really rather have this be a free podcast but you know it's an effort of love it always has been my radio shows the same thing I don't get paid for any of this I'm just trying to get the information out I'm trying to help people and for those people who think that maybe they'd like a little bit extra help and want to hire me great I'd be glad to do some consulting work for you. Normally we start out with an RIR which is a risk intelligence report so you know what your risks are and then help you put together a plan to take care of those risks as time goes forward so I think that might be useful for you if it is let me know and it's simple to find me just and you will be all set. Just a quick email over there. That is a monitored email account. Alright, so this morning I was on in Maine, three different stations up there. We talked about the new Apple iPhone a little bit and what that means to all of us, frankly, the new freeze law for your credit report starting Friday, big deal and I'm so glad that they did this and that President Trump signed that bill. I think this is going to be a really good thing from a security standpoint. And then a little bit about black hat and DEFCON, cyber security the tips from the experts what should you do to help keep everything safe so here we go with Ken and Matt and by the way for those that have already shared this podcast I just want to say thanks. Thanks for spending the time thanks for your faith in me and thanks for sharing it and for being a listener even you know it it's great and you can always send me an email I'd love to hear from you. What did you get from the podcasts What did you like about it how has it helped you or your business that's always helpful because we can share those with other people who are like you who are like us who can then hopefully find us and start listening as well hopefully will benefit their lives to here we go

Unknown 4:28
okay time to go back to Craig Peterson our tech guru. He joins us as he always does on Wednesdays at this time. Craig How are you this morning?

Unknown 4:36
doing really well It almost sounds like I'm boring every Wednesday you know where's the variety here you want to do Thursday next week and not have to be Wednesday it works once

Unknown 4:47
you will be here but

Unknown 4:51
by the way, this whole male thing I gotta I gotta chime in on this mayo and ketchup and all this other stuff me up. Hey up is what its gonna make. Mayo. Yeah. Yeah, I was in Belgium. And the first time ever they had something I think they called it Superman sauce I think is what it was. And they put it on their hamburgers over there. And it's mayo and Sriracha. Yes,

Unknown 5:19
yes, they have $1 bottles you can give them the grocery store.

Unknown 5:22
You know I got that we got some because we saw it there it is quite good. We had actually made it ourselves, which is very difficult to find. You know the Hellman's in the garage and put it together but it it it is fantastic you know i

Unknown 5:39  
i use it anytime I have sushi and I and I used to mix it myself but it was either be too spicy or not spicy enough and I keep having to add and then they now have it in a bottle I have two bottles in my refrigerator right now

Unknown 5:51
I don't remember what it's called that mixed up it's

Unknown 5:54
it's right next to each other

Unknown 5:57
I think they call it remember you know

Unknown 5:59
I look when I at home and I'll try and remember look into yeah it's

Unknown 6:02
not for me oh but yeah it is really good so people who are wondering you know cuz Ken's often crazy. It's not crazy crazy like a fox up this

Unknown 6:15
crazy like a fox? Craig so the iPhone XS Max

Unknown 6:23
your new phone? Wow.

Unknown 6:25
You know I've been seeing some reviews on it. And it's really big. I mean, it's now they set when I look at that a toadstool was that necessary?

Unknown 6:38
It seems to me if you're blind as a bat, like I am. And you have short, stubby fingers like I do that that's really a good thing to get. Although a lot of people want to be able to touch things. One hand it you know, while holding it. Oh, and you don't really do that folks are just

Unknown 6:55
one of my sons roses as well. And he thought he didn't want the big chunk of he's, you know, he's 22. So he knows pretty much everything and it's a big phones were absolutely stupid. And he can tax one handed. And so he ended up getting the eight. What does he get? Yeah, you got the eight plus, which is of course a bigger phone. And he absolutely loves it. Because he can use it with one hand. And Apple has actually made a whole bunch of studies and they work to them so that it is usable with one hand even even the keyboard on it. You know the on screen keyboard is designed for that just as

Unknown 7:37
an aside cricket you don't you find it interesting how our tastes constantly change about this kind of stuff. I remember, you know, of course, when cellphones first became a thing, they rather large because they sort of had to be heavy. Yeah, like the old Nokia phones. They were pretty they were bricks, basically. Right, right. And then over time, progressively, we got smaller and smaller, we made flip phones so that they could fit into your little pocket. And then you got you know, I remember at one point, I had the smallest flip phone like every was like the size of my fingernail, right? It was like just such a small phone. And then over time, people like, boy, those small phones are stupid. I really don't like those small phones. I want something with a bigger screen. I've got to get something that's larger. And so then the screens grew in size, grew in size grew in size. And now they're Of course, my Galaxy Note is the size of a iPad, basically. And now kids these days are saying those stupid old people with their big phones. Oh, you know, I wanna I want a smaller phone. So I can text with one hand. It's just on kind of constantly changes what our

Unknown 8:29
tastes are these days. I can't believe these good. Yeah, pretty much, Matt. It's interesting. Because we do change. Right. And, and tastes do change. But I think a lot of it has to do with what we're using the phones for, you know, when when they came out. I had the Motorola flip phone as well. I had a few different models of my love them. They're so small, but we only use it as a phone right, right now now, which are for most people for more than half of the world that have actually access to some sort of a computing device. The phone is it, right? That's it. composing stuff, they're doing video editing, they're using it as their cameras, the only camera they have, and the it's a different world map. It's not just a taste of change. It's the way we're using the tech is changing and and it's going to change more as we go forward. We've already got Have you seen that gives a phone that is again, it's a smartphone. And it's a roll up. It's almost like what it's a roll up like a girl? Yeah, yeah, I'm thinking of a fruit roll up. That's almost perfect, right? So that's fine. It's kind of a very thick pen. And you roll out the display because the display is just kind of like paper. I

Unknown 9:52
don't even know how you do

Unknown 9:55
mean, how do you use it? I mean,

Unknown 9:58
how does a phone you have a battery in a row.

Unknown 10:02
Okay, well, thank you. it like that. Think of it as as to DSL stacked on top of each other to see cells making stacked on top of each other, right. So that's the size of the core of your phone. So you'd have these two D sells seashells. Excellent. Closer see sitting or three c cell stack up. So there's sitting stacked up on your desk. So now you pull the display out of the GS stack of seashells. So you pull it out towards the right for instance. And now you have a display that you're looking at. And it projects a keyboard on to whatever surface it's on. So if it's on the table, now there's a keyboard projected with a laser on to your desktop, and it monitors your fingers, it's reading your fingers and where they are as you're typing. So now any surface becomes a keyboard and this devices with you anywhere you go. And if you want to have a look at it while you're on the road that you pull it out and do pull out the display. Now right now the display is not touch sensitive. But that's kind of the sinking of where the next step is these this device already exists and and then we've got the stuff that's going to tie into your brains. We've got a couple of major companies now including Apple working on a heads up display basically think of Google Glass and Apple is doing some major things with that as well. They're kind of changing that around so that it's now you're competing device so it's monitoring your eyes What you're looking at so you are seeing your display in front of you and what to look at and the way you blink controls the computer so I think Matt we're going from two Magus phones like this x x x x max to again, it's going to be teeny tiny. Just something that's almost tight right into your brain. Which I don't know if that's good or not fun. It's not a science fiction about that one out there.

Unknown 12:08
Craig Peterson our tech guru join us, Wednesdays at 730. So let's have some serious stuff that you know, we certainly were talking about credit reports and access to credit reports whether we could freeze them and freeze them. Is that policy gonna change? Greg?

Unknown 12:21
Yeah, that's, I think, a really good question and problem and it will, you know, we could go into this for a long time. But of course, Equifax happened about a year ago. And we know there are dozens of people not in jail because the Equifax hack

Unknown 12:36
well. Excellent people should probably shouldn't be in jail that aren't. And all of these people 145 million people's information was stolen and Equifax basically got away with it. But not only did they kind of get away with it, a few people lost their jobs, no question. But there's estimates out there that Equifax made $50 million off of the breach itself. So you might wonder how, how did that happen? Right, bottom line? Well, because Equifax and everybody charges you to freeze your credit, and unfreeze your credit in most states. Now, some states had regulations saying you can't do that. But and every three months you had to rephrase it. So they were making five to 10 bucks every time every quarter from you. If you wanted to freeze your credit, so that your credit wasn't used as part of that fast from Equifax and you had to pay five to 10 bucks again to unfreeze it, if you wanted to apply for new credit card or buy a car or something. It was absolutely crazy. So as part part of the act of President Trump signed in May, with the economic growth regulatory relief and Consumer Protection Act, the feds now starting September 21. So in other words, Friday, consumers can now freeze and unfreeze your credit without paying any fee all. So that is a fantastic thing. The recommendations from all of the security experts out there is basically keep your credit frozen. And that means that if, if a bad guy has your information, and you know, frankly, between us guys, the bad guys probably have your information, okay, if they have it, they cannot go and buy a car, buy a house, etc. Using your credit, they can still become get arrested and claim to be you. So the next time you get pulled over by the cops, you get a felony stop. But that will stop them from using your credit, which is a very good thing.

Unknown 14:44
We're talking to Craig Peterson, our tech guru who joins us at this time every Wednesday to go over the world of technology. Craig, I have one last question for you. before we let you go. You of course have seen in the news you know some of these cybersecurity experts, some black hat folks and one giving tips on to people for exactly how to protect themselves, make sure that they don't do anything stupid online. What are these tips what should people do?

Unknown 15:10
Oh, this goes on and on. I've got a great article. In fact, if you want to text me, I will send you that article. Anybody who's listening just text me say send the article if you want to me at 855-385-5563. So this text 855-385-5553 but there are there's a great article that I was able to find online as picking up on website is from CNET and black cat was the big conference we just had black hat and DEF CON out in Vegas these are the white hat and frankly the black hat guys getting together with government people as well so there are there's probably two dozen different security experts all with their top tips online. But when it comes to business and and you can get those you can find those again, online at my websites easiest place probably. But bottom line if your business the number one tip is make sure you've got good backups and make sure you test those backups and other words, don't just assume that because you signed up for backup service, it's still working, trying restore files from time to time to make sure that that backup is working for you. Of course that's not going to protect you from the lawsuits if you lose your customers information or they'll find which can amount to 200 bucks for credit card your business has taken over the last couple of years. So in many cases it can be huge fines but the very basics for everybody and small business backup backup off and test the silly thing make sure really is working

Unknown 16:54
Tech talk guru joining us as he does every Wednesday at 738 as boring as I may be will try and change it once in a while to join us. We'll talk to you next week.

Unknown 17:04
Take care bye bye.


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