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Oct 30, 2018

Your next visit to your doctor may be with an artificial intelligence. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Craig is on today with Jim Polito as they discuss this in depth on The Jim Polito Show on WTAG.

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Your Next Appointment May Begin By Talking With An Artificial Intelligence



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Airing date: 10/30/2018

Your Next Doctor Visit May Be With An Artificial Intelligence

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here this morning. I was on with Jim Polito. And of course he is down in mass covers pretty much the whole state, parts of Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut. So it's always fun to be on with him, too. Because not only does he have a lot of listeners, but he's a fun, great guy. Love the guy. Now, he was talking about his doctor's office, and how he thinks they might be using this artificial intelligence to book appointments, change appointments, etc. And he's been meaning to ask me about that for a while. So I had, I think, some great information that many people will be interested in. And I think you're going to be interested in it for real personal reason, this could be happening to you. And if you're in the medical field, or you know, someone in the medical field, you're going to listen to this as well, because there will be huge impacts throughout our whole society. So here we go with Jim

Unknown 0:57
as a topic for today. I'm talking about our tech guru Craig Peterson. Good morning, sir.

Unknown 1:03
Good morning.

Unknown 1:05
Well, listen, here's the deal, I swear. And I've been meaning to ask my doctor's office and the guy is a British accent. So it's either an answering service that answers for them a calling center, or its actual artificial intelligence. And I feel like with the little bit of a delay in the way that he answers that it could actually be a computer I'm talking with, and you're saying we're not doing it could be right. Yeah,

Unknown 1:34
absolutely. In fact, that there's a couple of audio samples in today's in the email. Yeah.

Unknown 1:41
Danny, you know what? Because of my problem with my computer, can you pull up some of those audio, he embedded them right, in the email Craig did. And before we play one of them, Craig, this is actually now possible to have a conversation with a computer. Yeah,

Unknown 1:59
this is happening more and more out. And, and it shocked me. It really it started in a few different websites, for instance, there. Have you ever use this site called Facebook?

Unknown 2:13
Oh, yeah, of course.

Unknown 2:16
Actually. It's open right now on my computer. And but I have a problem with this desktop right now with my email. So go ahead. Yeah, so Facebook,

Unknown 2:26
Facebook Messenger. And there are a lot of companies that have taken messenger now and tied it into what are called bought. So when you send a message to somebody to some company, and you get a pretty quick response, that's almost always the computers that tech has been around for a while you're asking about your doctor's office, which is interesting, because as you pointed out, there's companies like an angel, there's a couple of others out there, that what they do is they listen to your voice. And they have kind of a pre-program, very limited script. In the you're also mentioned that which is, you know, say the extension here calling or tell me what problem you're trying to solve today. And it's obviously a computer. Well, things have changed lately, because of the whole advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence. And it's gotten to the point where, at the very high end, yeah, these systems can have a conversation with you. And that conversation, you really can't tell that it's a computer, and that's the ultimate touring casts you touring was the guy and Bletchley Park over in the UK. Yeah, who came up with the code breaker for the German Enigma machine. So we were able to break the German code for all the last time for so the war and he just a brilliant man, but he said, the ultimate tasks will be can you tell the difference between talking to a human or talking to a computer? Yeah, yeah,

Unknown 4:12
that was just a movie that came out about that it didn't do well. And it was kind of weird, but it was a very wealthy IT person conducting what would be an illegal test to determine that the Turing test Yeah, can you tell the difference? Are you able to know? Yeah,

Unknown 4:33
we are literally just years away from a passing missions pass the Turing test. So in answer to your question about your doctor, your years, probably a pause because the guy probably is in the UK or, or some other place. And so it takes a little while for the data for your voice to get there to come back. Okay. And you notice that on shelves for so for instance, you and I are talking this morning and there is a one or two-second delay, I'm I'm down in Washington, DC in the belly of the beast. Oh, boy.

Unknown 5:10
You feel sorry. Please. prayers for me. If you

Unknown 5:13
don't forget to take a shower before you leave there, you know. Yeah,

Unknown 5:16
so your doctor? Probably not. Okay. There's a great example. Hopefully, Danny.

Unknown 5:25
Danny, why don't you play that audio of this artificial intelligence? having a conversation happening healthier?

Unknown 5:30
Hi. I'm calling to book a woman's haircut for our clients. I'm looking for something on May 3.

Unknown 5:37
Give me one second.

Unknown 5:40
Mm hmm.

Unknown 5:43
Sure. What time are you looking for? Well,

Unknown 5:47
at 12 pm, we do not have a 12 pm available. The closest we have to that is a 115. Do you have anything between 10 am and 12 pm? Depends what service she would like. What services she looking for.

Unknown 6:04
Just a woman's haircut for now. Okay. We have a 10 o'clock. 10 am is fine. Okay. What's her first name? The first name is Lisa.

Unknown 6:15
Okay, perfect. So I will see Lisa at 10 o'clock on May 3. Okay, great. Thanks. Great. Have a great day. Bye.

Unknown 6:23
Now. The computer was making the appointment right Craig?

Unknown 6:28
Yes. Yeah. Yeah. digital system that's it

Unknown 6:32
now nobody all the day did was teach it to make that appointment and but also be able to understand the responses from the woman answering the phone? Yeah,

Unknown 6:43
well, it was a little bit more than that they this was really kind of a first-generation artificial intelligence developed by Google and they had trained is all about phone calls, phone call etiquette. How human make phone calls and all about women's beauty salon. So the AI knew about that. And did you notice that she did a couple of things like she like the artificial intelligence through and some Yeah,

Unknown 7:15
I mean, you could tell it was a little, you know, but there's no way that that woman on the other end of the line was suspicious at all.

Unknown 7:25
No, I don't think she was she was busy with their job. But that's that's what Google's aiming for. And these other companies is, you know, we've got things like Alexa their homes and offices and that Google Home and apple and I, Siri and others, those are all aiming at this will know what you like thing, know what you need, and they will be able to not only make care appointments for you, but think about this thing. Like your doctor's example. your doctor's office might have an artificial intelligence as well. So you'll have to a ice hockey I know

Unknown 8:04
but you know, I was I was actually changing an appointment when I made that call. And that's why I thought this is strange. But anyway, that's very, very interesting. Is the other example that you put in the same as this one

Unknown 8:19
different Apple much more difficult looking at a restaurant

Unknown 8:25
restaurant reservation. Okay, let's try this.

Unknown 8:30
I hear you. Hi. I'd like to reserve a table for Wednesday. The second

Unknown 8:37
seven people.

Unknown 8:39
Um. It's for people for people

Unknown 8:46
Wednesday at 6 pm.

Unknown 8:49
Oh, actually. We need to fill light opera like a five people healthier for me. Well, you can come

Unknown 8:57
How long is the way usually to be seated.

Unknown 9:01
When? Tomorrow week? A

Unknown 9:04
for next Wednesday. The seventh? Oh, nice. Not too easy. If you can cover for

Unknown 9:13
Oh, I gotcha. Thanks.

Unknown 9:16
That was pretty good. Because the woman had a language issue and wasn't answering because of that was giving incorrect answers. And the computer which was the man calling to make the reservation was able to adapt. Wow,

Unknown 9:35
that's something when we're thinking about your doctor's appointment with your kind of how we started this whole conversation. Yeah, we're getting into the point now. Where

Unknown 9:49
I hate to say it. Yeah, but artificial intelligence Now, depending on what the diseases but just generally, the tests that have been done much attentive to the patient needs

Unknown 10:04
gifts, the correct like most Yeah, at a much higher rate.

Unknown 10:11
It's good. It's gonna be like Star Wars, there's gonna be a droid over me taking out my appendix.

Unknown 10:18
That's what's gonna happen. It's when it's like what we're doing. Now. I have a service that I use that I can get on Skype with and cost your doctor and you know, the doctor can prescribe certain basic medications. Yeah, but now the doctor says, Yeah, you better go to the emergency room. Right? Right. You know, so the next step beyond that isn't the doctor on guy, it's an AI on Skype, or the phone or whatever, helping you out, tried to do bit of attack, gnosis have been sending you to maybe a hospital, if that's what you mean. And it's hard to be way for anything we have today. And it's going to be very efficient. And I don't know how the bedside manners going to be. But you listen to these calls, then the artificial intelligence in both cases was very polite. Yeah. And maybe it'll be better. But no,

Unknown 11:16
you never know. This was fascinating. Folks. This is just one topic with Craig Peterson and weekly he provides me with many. And if you would like to actually get the same information that I receive every week, you can do it all the job to do is not the artificial intelligence and text My name to this number 855-385-5553. That's 855-385-5553 standard data and text rates apply. But I promise you, the real Craig Peterson will get back to you not an Android, right. And when I say right, I mean, the Google hardware. I mean, like in the old movies, we used to call them androids, right?

Unknown 12:08
Enjoy Yeah. droids. But Google is

Unknown 12:14
a statement from George Lucas Craig was this was fascinating and so when I get the English guy again, I'm I am going to ask them Are you a computer

Unknown 12:27
question is how should they answer

Unknown 12:29
right yeah, no, Jim I'm not a computer. Yeah,

Unknown 12:35
there are proposed was that says that if you ask and a

Unknown 12:40
half good proposed lot, not there yet.

Unknown 12:45
Open the pod bay doors. How open the pod bay doors how

Unknown 12:51
Craig theaters on our tech talk crew fascinating segment. Thank you, Greg.

Unknown 12:55
Thanks, Jim.

Unknown 12:56
Bye-bye. Bye. Bye. We will be back with a fun

Unknown 12:58
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